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AUG 2013

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ordinances (continued from page 16) "A minimum of 20 percent of the street yard shall be landscaped on all newly developed residential properties," states the Elgin code. It also references approved species of trees and shrubs. This new Elgin development is Elm Creek. stewardship for newly developed nonresidential and residential facilities. This is one of the few community codes that do so. The city proposes to do this by "reducing environmental impacts, promoting resource conservation, water conservation and collection, using native Texas or Texas adaptive plants." The city also wants designers to begin to harvest available rainfall by reducing the use of potable water, improving irrigation system design, decreasing runoff and filtering water though porous paving. It is a further goal of the city to increase the tree canopy of the city to produce more shade and to offer more healthy benefits to citizens by the "development of a pedestrian and cyclist friendly environment." As predicted in this column about four years ago, landscape codes that have always been green are going greener by embracing sustainable practices. Elgin seems to be a leader. SITES™ and LEED™ standards are not specifically set forth in the ordinance, but it is clear the intent is for designers to begin to use these sustainable systems to produce landscape design. Landscapes will indeed get greener in Elgin, Texas as this landscape code takes effect. Other communities in Texas and across the nation ought to consider revising their 1980-2000 era landscape codes to embrace sustainable design. For a copy of Elgin's newly adopted landscape ordinance contact the author by email at Information Request # 583 96 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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