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JUL 2014

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July 2014 51 The backyard had a pool that was more than two decades old; the new pool was relocated to better fit the new design. Several large oaks that died due to drought were also removed during the construction. The site had eight feet of elevation change from the upper level home to the lower level in very unstable soils, so a large substructure wall was added with stairs and flagstone paving over the retaining wall. A 3,000 square foot brick patio on the upper level was removed to allow for the new dance floor and patio space. The 2,000 square foot pool cabana was thoroughly renovated, and air conditioning was added at the owner's request. The cabana's 16-inch concrete roof and 12-inch poured concrete walls made the renovation a challenge. Water, Fire, and More Water KDC Associates designed a 70-foot long, 30-foot wide crescent pool, and the client requested a deeper deep end that would be amenable to diving. "It's a bit of a Caribbean snorkeling feel," Cook said of the pool, which was extended to a 14-foot depth on one side. Instead of a standard diving board, a boulder was installed for use as a diving platform. Near the platform, the edge of the pool spills into a rock-lined basin punctuated by pillars for the fountain pots, creating a vanishing edge near the entertaining area. "The boulder allows the user to get the exhilaration of diving into deep water from a more natural edge treatment," Cook said. "It's the subtle design aspects that make projects like this successful." Adjacent to the pool, a Top Instead of a diving board, the homeowners opted for a diving boulder. Bougainvillea provides a splash of color on the ledge above the 14-foot deep end of the pool, which the client requested as part of a "Caribbean snorkeling" setting. Bottom A bronze sculpture of the client's children was installed on a boulder beneath the pergola, in a new pond that was included to provide a setting for the statue. One-inch by two-inch frosted glass tile accents in a jungle green color (Glass Tile Oasis) were installed as accents around the pool's perimeter, along the tanning shelf and beneath the pergola. Almost 3,000 square feet of glass tile was installed throughout the backyard in total.

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