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JUL 2014

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78 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Utah for the same developer, and realized this water effects design/build firm would again vital to the success of the customer experience," explains Julie Brinkerhoff Jacobs, president of Lifescapes International, a landscape architect firm in Newport Beach, Calif., known for designing the "wow" factor for its destination retail, mixed-use and resort property projects in the U.S. and abroad. "They [the landscape architects] create happiness for our customers," said Fred Bruning, CEO of Center Cal Properties. "It's all about our customers enjoying themselves, making memories with families and friends and sharing stories." The Village owners, Fred Bruning and his partner, Jean Paul Wardy, president, have a particular interest in promoting literacy in the community. In keeping with that initiative, they wanted to add whimsical sculptures celebrating the love of reading throughout the property. These are located in and around the edge of the central water feature. Canadian Trees Mature trees are speckled throughout the property: 'Crimson King' maples, 'Red Horse' chestnuts, crabapple trees, 'Northern Prince' oaks and Chinese wisteria. Thirty-foot Norway maples and other maple varieties were selected in Canada and brought down to be the signature trees around the village square. These trees provide ample shade, and were in full red/orange autumn splendor when the property opened last October, making a grand statement about the emphasis here on a mature landscape. The Village flora is quite uncommon for this area. There are extensive plantings of annuals Above The fountains feature 75 vertical effect display nozzles, 67 of which are vertical chaser nozzles that can produce 30-ft. geysers, each requiring 54 gpm. There are 75 individually controllable variable-frequency drive pumps to create the vertical water displays. The fountain runs all year, and is heated via a glycol heat-exchanger system powered by a 1 million BTu boiler to keep the water from falling below 41 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. Water filtration is via several high-rate sand filters, a uV sterilizer and a flow-through style chemical feeder. An automated controller doses the chemicals. PhoTo: ouTSiDE ThE LinES (oTL) (Continued on page 80) Village at Meridian (Continued from page 76)

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