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JUL 2014

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100 Landscape Architect and Specifier News I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 5 7 6 Kansas Bill Redefnes Architecture, Engineering and Landscape Architecture Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, a Republican, signed Senate Bill 349 into law on April 18, 2014. The bill, which goes into effect July 1, updates the state's licensing statutes for architects, engineers, landscape architects, surveyors, and geologists. The bill revises the definition of each technical profession b2013_14/measures/documents/sb349_enrolled.pdf , and spells out a 9-point list of "common technical services" that each provide to clients: The "Common Technical Services" (1) Representation of clients in connection with contracts entered into between clients and others; (2) Coordination of elements of technical submissions prepared by the licensee's consultants; (3) Administration of contracts for construction; (4) Observation of construction for general conformance with requirements of approved construction documents or technical submissions prepared by a licensee; (5) Performing acts of consultation and technical investigation; (6) Providing expert technical testimony or testimony evaluation; (7) Performing technical evaluations and research; (8) Teaching in a college or university offering an accredited technical professional curriculum recognized by the board; and (9) Providing responsible supervision of these services, insofar as such services involve safeguarding the health, safety, property and welfare of the public. Under the statute, the practice of landscape architecture "shall not include those services specifically identified in the definition of 'architecture,' 'professional engineering,' 'professional geology' and 'professional surveying,' except for those services which are included in the 'common technical services.'' As the statute states the scope of architecture includes "preparing or providing designs, drawings, specifications and other technical submissions," that means the other board professionals, including landscape architects, cannot prepare or providing designs, drawings, specifications and other technical submissions. Attorneys Foulston Siefkin and Wyatt Hoch of Foulston & Siefkin, note: "…this exclusivity provision wreaks further havoc on the practices of Kansas engineers and landscape architects." That exclusivity also negatively impacts some current practices of architects, observe the attorneys. The revised definitions of Why is this man smiling? Under the new Kansas statute signed by Gov. Sam Brownback, which takes effect July 1, 2014, engineers and landscape architects can no longer prepare "designs, drawings, specifications and other technical submissions," as that is specifically identified as the province of architects. If you wish to voice you opinion of this statute, you can call the governor's office toll free at (877) 579-6757. Note: To email the governor is not convenient. It's a "fill in the boxes" submit email (Continued on page 102)

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