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AUG 2014

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36 Landscape Architect and Specifier News The planning took about four months, included a community forum for residents to share their feelings about their community and what could make it a better place to live, work and do business in. Based on these discussions and previous visioning efforts, a mission statement was adopted: "Create a master plan that correlates the desired physical vision with market opportunities, desired public realm objectives, an adequate transportation system, good urban form, and appropriate land-use and regulatory principles, including strategic actions to achieve results." The first result, and perhaps most dramatic capital project, is the new streetscape in downtown Eustis. The downtown conditions included unusual opposing one-way blocks, which were particularly dysfunctional for businesses. The modification had been made in decades past to support local stores, incorporating more angled parking in the very narrow rights-of- way. Along with the dysfunctional street network, the experience for the pedestrian was equally flawed. Problems included narrow sidewalks, unhealthy trees, broken and cracked concrete, doors to storefronts that were several inches higher than the sidewalk grade, and many aboveground and overhead utilities. Limited lighting downtown also made the urban environment unappealing after dark. Construction Communication with the public continued through the six-month construction phase, and communication with business owners was critical during times of disturbance. During construction, weekly meetings were held with the city engineer and contractor that provided a two-week look ahead to avoid disruptions and inconveniences for local merchants and property owners. Above Wider sidewalks, shade, furniture (Victor Stanley), plantings, streetlights and onā€street parking have improved the shopping and outdoor dining experience. Nutall oak trees are used along this street, and live oaks are used at the main intersection corners. Right Tile mosaics are located at all four corners of Eustis St. and Magnolia Ave. These custom art installations celebrate the environmental, cultural, historical and social significance of the town. (Continued on page 38)

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