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AUG 2014

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82 Landscape Architect and Specifier News ties across the shared space travelway and into the sidewalk zones. • Large inground planting areas and utility equipment in the planting and furnishing zone have been reduced in size or moved to free valuable space for people to use for seating and outdoor dining. New decorative planter urns add color and lush textures to the streetscape. At the building edge, utility equipment, such as electrical meter pedestals, were removed to create a clear frontage zone with space for outdoor dining and display of merchandise. • Infrastructure was provided for the regular markets, concerts and festivals that take place on the street, with inground retractable bollards at the ends of the street, power connections and tree twinkle lights. Street Paving Interlocking pavers were set on a sand and asphalt profile to create a long lasting and repairable travelway surface. This area creates a pedestrian-quality space where drivers move slowly and pedestrians feel comfortable crossing. Paving patterns extend across Murphy Avenue to create a carpet that unifies the street, giving the impression of a pedestrian-centric promenade, and maximizing space for dining and events. The accent paving bands organize parallel parking, as well as booth placement during farmers' market events. Sidewalks An analysis of the site revealed much of the sidewalk space was underused and wasted space, with poorly maintained planting areas, boxy above- ground planters and cluttered furnishing zones. A reorganization of the sidewalks has enabled greater outdoor use for sidewalk dining, merchandise display and social seating. Top Judicious use of select furnishing elements reduced clutter. Dumor '58 Series' black powder coated benches were turned 90 degrees to allow people- watching on both sides of the street. other site amenities include Dumor '83 Series' black powder coated bike racks and steel domed trash receptacles (Victor Stanley). Bottom The landscape architect worked with arbor consultant HortScience to preserve the 37 mature London plane and Scarlet Sentinel 'Scarsen' maples. PHoTo CrEDiTS: MiCHAEL TArr (Continued on page 84) Project Team Design Team rHAA Landscape Architecture + Planning, Aditya Advani, Nathan Lozier and James ingels Consultants Garavaglia Architecture – Historic Architecture rBF Consulting – Environmental Bellecci & Associates, inc – Civil Engineering and Survey Alfa Tech Consulting Engineers, inc. – Electrical Engineering Endres Ware – Structural Engineering Cromb Associates – Cost Estimator Kleinfelder – Geotechnical Engineering Hortscience – Arborist Construction Team Joseph J. Albanese, inc. Cohen Landscape Services inc. Vendors Concrete Pavers: • Field paver: Basalite 'Sienna' cobble concrete paver • Accent Band paver: Basalite Charcoal Grey Cobble concrete paver • Crosswalk paver: Pacific interlock Holland concrete paver • Truncated Dome paver: Stepstone Granada White and Charcoal 12"x12" paver Waste receptacles: Victor Stanley, S-42 with S2 spun steel dome, black powder coat Benches: DuMor Site Furnishings, 58 Series black powder coated Bike Rack: DuMor Site Furnishings, 83 Series black powder coated Street Tree Grates: Urban Accessories 4' and 6' square Chinook, cast iron natural finish Drinking Fountain: Visco #12H Planter Pots: Universal Precast Concrete Trench Drain: Urban Accessories 6" Double Wave Manual Assist Retractable Bollard: Cal Pipe Security Bollards Street Lighting: Visco pole with Lumec Lighting luminaire Gateway Signage: Square Peg Design, Scott Cuyler & Mike Moore

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