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MAR 2015

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102 Landscape Architect and Specifier News (Continued on page 104) families into Cuatro Vientos Park. Because of the limited site space, Stream designed a ball court area to be multifunctional, providing a place for families to play games like basketball and hopscotch, and incorporating a skateable ramp feature that doubles as grandstands or as a slide for the adventurous. Physically integrating the park into the community was also critical to the design. The steep slopes of road and walkways that approach Alameda presented significant access challenges from the surrounding neighborhood. Because of the surrounding topography, the site had a large retaining wall, which blocked views into the park, was covered with years of paint and graffiti, and was generally a blight on the Top, Left & Right The Westwood community wanted a number of amenities, including a soccer field. at one and half acres the site is relatively small for a neighborhood park, but the designers managed to fit a less than regulation soccer field, which doubles as a multi-use green space. a smaller green space adjacent is used for picnicking. The prominent slope is a good place to watch city fireworks, for kids to roll in the grass or go sledding in the winter. The turf is a drought-tolerant hybrid kentucky bluegrass. Imag E: D En VEr ParkS anD rECrEaTIOn Above, Left The life-sized custom chrome eagle sculpture by artist Sean g uerrero has an 8-ft. wingspan and sits 18-ft. high atop a talon-shaped steel gateway to the park. The eagle is one of several important spiritual figures from n ative american lore referenced in the park. The landscape architects liked the image of an eagle high in the sky riding the wind, for the "four winds" park theme. ImagE: STrEam DESIgn Above, Right The site had a large graffiti-covered retaining wall that blocked views into the park, and also created a major barrier between the avenue and a heavily used bus stop. The landscape architects drastically reduce the wall height, and integrated a universally accessible ramp to allow direct access from the bus stop on alameda avenue. an engraved wall at the new ramp proudly announces the Westwood neighborhood to passers-by. The guard railing was custom made by k&k Fabrication in Denver, as was the talon base for the eagle sculpture. Cuatro Vientos (Continued from page 100)

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