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MAR 2015

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94 Landscape Architect and Specifier News requested that CBA add a sculptural element and information about the champ's career and Chelsea roots to the already-planned active recreation and fitness elements in the park. CBA chose to design a metal likeness of Ruiz set in a "boxing ring," and placed them in front of the seven-foot-high brick wall at the back of the open lawn area, where they would be set slightly apart from the hustle and bustle of the other areas and allow visitors a chance to engage with the art elements. In addition, their presence activates that corner of the park, and provides a visual cue to draw people in to explore the space. The heart of the art element is the life-size portrait of John Ruiz at the time of his titles, created in ink on paper by a local artist, Dirk Tiede. For the park's version, the artist created a digital copy, the outline was laser-cut from a 3/8-inch brushed stainless steel plate, and the portrait's details were etched and filled with black. The final portrait is set slightly off- center in a sculptural piece, designed by CBA, which echoes the dimensions and features of one side of a regulation boxing ring, fabricated of powdercoated steel. From the corner turnbuckles, ring ropes project forward and dive into the ground, embracing the curve of the walk and leaving the viewer standing in the ring with Ruiz. To the other side of the piece, a fiberglass- embedded graphics panel in a powdercoated frame mixes award-winning photography of Ruiz and bilingual text to inform park visitors about his career and his connection to the city. Around the perimeter of the space, hedges of Inkberry, columnar yew, 'Endless Summer' hydrangea, and 'Summersweet' define the edges, Bottom, Left the splash pad features spray jets and activators by Waterplay solutions Corp., encouraging outdoor activity in this densely- populated urban area. Bottom, Right Viewed from above, the park's overall design is clear. in the foreground, an exercise area with fitness equipment is enclosed by a low seatwall and plantings. the drinking fountain by Murdock is carefully located close to the park's most active areas. the Waterplay splash pad and the quieter lawn- and-benches area with the art element flank the climber, and in the far corner is the park's entry plaza with its brightly-colored tables. Right CBA's design for the art element dedicated to ruiz includes a powdercoated steel replica of a boxing ring, and a bilingual informational panel in striking red, white, and black with award-winning photos by photographer kerry Brett. (Continued on page 96)

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