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MAR 2015

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9 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 7 10 11 12 14 15 13 96 Landscape Architect and Specifier News John Ruiz Park (Continued from page 18) and a wide mix of hardy perennials adds color, richness and texture. London plane trees provide shade and winter interest, and autumn-flowering cherries add a splash of color in both spring and fall. Black vinyl-clad chain link fence surrounds the back and sides. Along the street, an ornamental steel fence sets the park off from the sidewalk, bowing inward in the center to create a street-side seating area with a curved ribbon bench from DuMor that matches the style of the benches within the park. At night, the park's usability extends into the evening, with durable concrete lighted bollards, casting a soft glow across the site's features, while at the rear the art element is brought to life by dramatic light. Bars of lights set in a recess in the wall cap, cast a wash down the face of the wall, behind the silhouette of the boxing ring, and a single Phenix uplight highlights the steel portrait of Ruiz. All of the lighting is LED, as part of the city's mandate that the project be as "green" as was feasible. To that end, the park's drainage system was designed to recharge as much stormwater and runoff from the splash pad as possible, with a pair of leaching drainage structures helping to minimize the amount sent into the city's storm sewers. The circular motif of the park is carried through to the details, as well as the overall plan. From the tree grates and the pattern on the drain covers to the customized tables-and-chairs and the concentric circular scoring in the concrete plazas, circles abound, tying the design together. At the park's grand opening, "the Quietman" said a few words to the gathered neighbors, city staff, and elected officials: "I'm honored for myself and my family. Winning the championship is one thing, but the support from the city itself is even better and I will never forget that." With a park in his honor, Chelsea will never forget Ruiz, either. Above 1. hedge-screen 2. Metal bench 3. informational panel 4. screening wall 5. Poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing 6. Climable structure 7. Drinking fountain 8. Fitness equipment 9. Water play area 10. Bus stop seating 11. ornamental fence and gate 12. Pod seating 13. Water cabinet 14. electrical cabinet 15. seat wall Photo CreDit: CBA LAnDsCAPe ArChiteCts LLC

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