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MAR 2015

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100 Landscape Architect and Specifier News serve as a safe communal venue. Stream collaborated with city staff and the district's council person to develop design inspiration loosely based on the Native American legend of the four winds, or cuatro vientos in Spanish. The physical metaphor of Westwood's front porch reflects the community's desire for a highly visible social gathering space that neighbors take pride in, is safe and a joyful outdoor recreational area, a concept further reinforced by the park's location at the edge of the neighborhood, perched on a hilltop overlooking the city. The design team integrated these inspirational themes into design concepts and elements that reflect the culture and character of the community. Water Wheel The water feature was designed to be an attractive year-round element. This ultra-low water consuming water feature is designed as a stylized medicine wheel made from custom colored glass aggregate paving. It represents the four directional winds, which in turn symbolize the diverse peoples of the world. As several Native American legends refer to the importance of the turtle bearing the earth upon its back, the feature is anchored by a custom turtle sculpture designed by Stream to have the relief imprint of the earth's continents integrated into its shell. To the delight of children, water showers them as it sprays out of nine nozzles, including one that is incorporated into the top of the turtle's shell. Separated Play Areas The age separated play areas combine traditional and nature- based play approaches and are themed around the eagle, known by many Native American cultures as a symbol of great strength, leadership and vision as it soars on the winds. Anchored by a main play feature designed to be the eagle's nest, children can climb high into the sky seeing fantastic views to the city and foothills. Two platform swings enable them to fly high, experiencing the winds like an eagle. Boulders, sand, plantings, and other features ground the area in a naturalized setting and soften the features. A life-sized custom chrome eagle sculpture by artist Sean Guerrero with an 8-ft. wingspan can be seen from a great distance. It sits 18-ft. high atop the talon-shaped steel gateway feature to proudly welcome Right a young skateboarder tests the new ramp and platform, a multi-purpose feature that not only attracts skateboarders, but is also popular with BmX bikers and kids who just want to slide down the ramp's smooth concrete surface. Low walls along the edge of the ramp offer seating for viewers of the action. ImagE: DEnVEr ParkS anD rECrEaTIOn Below, Left Limited site space required compact, durable play elements ('rotating Dish' pictured) to accommodate multiple children simultaneously. ImagE: DEnVEr ParkS anD rECrEaTIOn Below, Right The "eagle's nest" play piece (Landscape Structures) provides an elevated perch to view the playground, offering a log climber and a platform for the slides. (Continued on page 102)

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