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JUN 2015

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(Continued on page 20) 20 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Dream When there's color around every corner and the sound of birds enjoying the sunlight is abundant, the season for outdoor living has arrived. With the lighting of a torch, let the entertaining and excitement begin. The smell of a flower blossom, oak wood burning, or something cooking on the grill can be an inspiration beckoning for more of the outdoors. The possibilities are endless: a hardscape patio for entertaining, a retaining wall to level or increase the backyard living space, a retreat enhanced by selecting plants to attract certain wildlife, or maybe this year let it all go and create that once in a lifetime dream pool and cabana. After all, the cool refreshing beverages will be there in the end to reflect on the accomplishment. The concepts are limitless, so begin with one that includes many of the past dreams, then reflect on what is necessary, and meet in the middle with creativity and personality. Budget Before the roasting of marshmallows over an open flame, or lounging while taking in the fresh air can begin, the limitless outdoors must be tamed slightly to fit within a budget. A budget is often misinterpreted as a limit or an end. However, a budget used properly becomes an acceptable direction for creativity. Staying within a set budget will allow enjoyment of the outdoor living space for many years, and will set guidelines for the magnitude of the work to be done. This way, all parties involved will understand the allowable means and have similar expectations for a successful completion. Space Remember to include enough free space to provide the area with an open feel. Many times the budget will be a factor, but understand that the free space is the controlling factor for the relaxation pursued by the project in the first place. Customers begin discussions with a pre-determined size of a space before they have reviewed what all is intended to be placed in the space. An outdoor living space does not have any restrictions, other than the property line. Therefore, the outdoors has limitless free space to dream and build whatever the imagination can conceive. For example, pavers can h a rd s c a p e s By Jason Autry, Regional Sales Engineer - Pavestone, LLC Limitless Outdoors - Dream Big, Refect, and Meet in the Middle… Above In this backyard, a total of 3,450 square feet of pavers were installed. Additionally, retaining walls up to 7' high were installed throughout. The manufacturer recommends that the leveling pad of crushed aggregate be at least 6" deep below the first course, and 6" in front and behind the first course. For a wall 7' high, it is recommended that one course of blocks be buried with Geogrid reinforcement.

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