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JUN 2015

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82 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Design Solutions Project designer Adrian Hayes, RLA, started by devising broad organizing principles, which gradually coalesced into a specific design. The design established a variety of outdoor rooms, with varying types and levels of activity. The design brings flexibility to the very small space, allowing group activities, but also options for solitary play. The Entry The designers wanted the connection from the street to create enthusiasm immediately on entering the grounds. While it was necessary to preserve enough open space for arrival and departure logistics, the designers included a mural and outdoor chalkboards. These displays will change over time, possibly even during a single school year. A tile wall on the opposite side would have all the names of past students. If incorporated, one hopes the school would continue to record the names of all those youngsters who pass through here. Rock Garden Once past the entry, the linear space transitions into a shady spot of bamboo and kid-sized boulders, a calm setting for exploration or just pondering. Kids can enjoy moving along the path from stone to stone. A small breakout classes could hold appropriate activities here. Picnic Area, Council Circle and a Stage Straight back (just before the right angle turn) will be some picnic tables where the kids can enjoy a snack. A small lawn nearby will allow the youngsters the scent of growing grass on which they can lounge or roll around a bit. Top & Bottom Left The new design, versus the old play area, packs in a lot of nature elements: an edible garden; a trellis growing wall; an "observation" corner; a play structure with a green roof; an activity hill; activity wall panels; a woodlands; a council ring; open lawn; stage, boardwalk and picnic area. Bottom, Right The design for the connection between the entry and the main outdoor activity area is a shady stone path with bamboo and kid-sized boulders. Climbing on the rocks is encouraged. (Continued on page 84) BEFORE

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