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JAN 2016

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38 Landscape Architect and Specifier News capitalizes on view of the new space. On the lower level a screened porch provides a seating area off the kitchen. Above, a suspended bed is the centerpiece of a screened sleeping area. A spiral staircase delivers you from your outdoor slumber to the deck off of the main house. This ipe deck wraps the rear of the house and surrounds a large tree. By preserving this tree, the back deck remains shaded and provides privacy from adjacent neighbors. To further the sense of privacy the deck turns up, becoming a seat bench and fence on its journey. This is done to screen the private drive to a detached garage behind the main house. As you journey back to the cabana, lush plantings, dramatic planters and towering screen trees make the garden feel like another world. Just outside, the residential streets are buzzing with construction and local traffic. Inside, the space is quiet, calm and relaxed. Existing trees and tall live oaks help hide the surrounding neighbors. Hydrangeas and roses dot the garden in shades of blue and pink. Pottery is carefully placed throughout to create herb gardens, vegetable gardens, dramatic anchors and colorful accents. Perfectly manicured grass floods between step pads to surround the decks in a green carpet. Connecting the cabana to the main house turned out to be a practical solution to a problem with the air conditioning units. Previously, along the side of the house, the units were consolidated by adding a geothermal system in the rear garden. Remaining units were relocated into this connecting space with the geothermal equipment and other utilities. This lower connecting portion is below the second story windows and is almost hidden from the front fa├žade. From the second story, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the cabana is revealed: the live roof. The drought tolerant plants (including Blackfoot daisy, Berkley sedge, blue grama and 'Side Oats' grama) thrive in the hot conditions of the sun. Hinted at from the street, these plants can be seen in their full glory from above, dancing in the breeze, softening the view from second story windows. Right & Below Grass and step pads extend to the pool deck with raised ipe seating areas on both sides. The water wall has a brick veneer that matches the house, and 'Terra Maestricht' tiles (Knoxtile) that match the pool tiling. The recessed panel of the water wall aligns with the cabana door and features LEDs behind its surround. The tile flows down the wall, around the pool and to the spa. The opposite ends of the spa are shallow "tanning ledges." The tile changes from a dark grey to a lighter tone to match the acid washed concrete of the cabana floor, coping and step pads. Hydrangeas and roses dot the garden.

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