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FEB 2016

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34 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Plant materials were used in masses to provide a lush, tropical character. Bed lines were designed in conjunction with the wavy forms of paving, adding color and texture consistent with overriding design concept. Field Testing and Installation of Pavers and Site Furnishings After years of regular and intense cleaning, the paving was showing its age. Over 80,000 sq. ft. of new paving was proposed. The mall management actively participated throughout the design and made clear the need for durable and easily cleaned surfaces. Numerous paver mock-ups and stain tests were performed before the final pavers, joint filler, sealant and cleaners were determined. Clay brick, granite and concrete pavers were considered in the pavement design. Ultimately, concrete pavers from a local manufacturer, Artistic Pavers, were selected due to their color options and ease of being cleaned. To aid with construction and layout, a repeating and shifting wave pattern was designed so the contractor could use a full size template for layout. A surveyor was hired to "locate the waves" throughout the 80,000 sq. ft. of pavement. The wave cuts and tolerances of paver sizes were studied in mock-up form. By testing the mock up under direct traffic, the most effective paver cut size tolerances were determined. All paver edges had to be beveled, including cuts for the wave pattern to prevent chipping. So, in addition to cutting the curvilinear wave alignment, the contractor had to grind a consistent bevel on both sides of the pavers between the delineation of the two colors. The pavers are cleaned on a daily basis. The mall management also wanted reassurance on the practicality of the site furnishings, specifically the Above Washingtonia palms and Podocarpus hedges add nature to the mall's hardscapes. The landscaping for the parking lot is Green Buttonwoods, Pink Trumpet Trees and 'Foxtail' palms. Note: The photographer's use of a slow shutter speed camera setting not only created a blurring effect, but makes the hardscape appear to be undulating, when it fact the hardscape "wave" effects are produced on a horizontal flat plane by the geometry of the two-color bandings. (Continued on page 36)

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