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FEB 2016

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February 2016 67 One of the biggest challenges was to find a balance between keeping the lawn as small as possible, but still giving it a park-like feel. "By moving the grass away from the north face of the five-story building we provided generous seating and lush gardens outside the meeting rooms," explains Angelina Sotelo of Sotelo Landscape Architects. "The bar also extends into the plaza creating a pleasant outdoor experience." The park can accommodate over 1,500 people for a concert. The garden features a wide variety of plants suited for the extremes of the Alpine, Calif. weather, with large DD Blanchard magnolias sheltered from the high winds against the building walls, liriopes and Meyer asparagus on the north facing gardens. Dietes, ligustrums and Nandinas, as well as Lomandras and Eleaocarpus cover the surrounding gardens. These layers of trees and shrubs were intended to lessen the impact of the u-shaped five-story hotel towers, and to give the park a more human scale. The new design brings the luxury from the interiors outdoors, providing destination zones for patrons to meander, instead of crossing a large expansive lawn. A fun colorful element in the middle of the plaza is an interactive water feature. During the chillier days of December, however, the water feature is covered over and becomes the locus for a festive five-

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