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FEB 2016

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68 Landscape Architect and Specifier News story Christmas tree, giving the guests endless photographic opportunities. Accent Lighting Accent lighting in a variety of beam spreads and intensities creates a layered choreography within the trees and shrub foliage. The date palms have a ring of up and down LED fixtures to accentuate fronds and the textures of the trunks. The palm down lighting also gives general illumination to the open areas of the Viejas event space. The main pathway leads to a new elevated outdoor bar, which is the central connection between the park and the pool area, and offers VIP seating for concerts. The bar is surrounded with walls veneered with black slate ledger stone. From the lawn area, the approach to the bar is up steps softly illuminated by LED strips. Pool and Bar Structures The 27-foot long firewall that bounds the south side of the bar has black fire glass and tempered glass wind screens. A 15-foot long cantilevered steel pergola with custom metal screen panels provides shade to the seating area. Small surface-mounted LEDs create 'focal glow' for the pergola over the pool bar. All of the illumination specified is LED in a warm, hospitable color temperature for creating an inviting outdoor environment. The expansion also included a raised VIP pool area. There are new cabanas and an infinity edge lap pool with Italian glass tile that terminates to a lawn area abutted by purple Bottom, Left Bounding the south side of the open air bar is a 27' long firewall with fire pit inserts (HPC) and black decorative fire glass. The walls are veneered with slate ledger stone. A seating area under the 15' long cantilevered steel pergola has custom metal screen panels to provide shade, and small surface-mounted LEDs. The entry steps are softly illuminated with LED strips (Diode LED). Bottom, Right Viewed from the park the date palms and Canary pines create a backdrop for the stage area. The lawn area, a dwarf tall fescue/bluegrass blend, can accommodate up to 1,500 concertgoers. (Continued on page 70) Right The focal point of the plaza is usually an interactive fountain. During the holidays, however, a five-story Christmas tree sits atop the fountain.

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