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MAY 2016

LASN is a photographically oriented, professional journal featuring topics of concern and state-of-the-art projects designed or influenced by registered Landscape Architects.

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See Ad on page 81 Information Request # 9363 ProPlay USA by Schmitz Foam Products Proplay products, the world leader in underlayment for Synthetic Turf projects, are ENGINEERED for Safety! And Performance enhancement of Synthetic Turf Sports Fields and Playgrounds. Improve the Safety, playability and longevity of your new field with Proplay! 208-720-7266 278 Landscape Architect and Specifier News 2016 Specifier's Guide plant materials & accessories Irrigation Bags Turf Reinforcement Herbicides / Post Emergents Surfacing / Sub Base Product Profiles Edging Restraints 282 Espaliers / Trellises 280 Ground Cover 290 Herbicide / Post Emergents 278 Irrigation Bags 278 Mulch: - Recycled Glass 286 - Rubber 286 Native Plants / Seeds 292 Palm Trees 290 Plant Identification Websites 292 Root Barriers 284 Root Protection Systems 284 Root Zone Irrigation 284 Roses 278 Soil Amendments / Coir Mediums 288 Soil: - Green Roof Soil 286 - Vitamins, Hormones 286 Surfacing / Sub Base 278 Tree Anchoring Systems 284 Tree Anchoring / Below Grade 284 Turf Reinforcement 278 Turfgrass 290 Turfseed 290 Wildflower Seed 292 Roses World Premiere Find this logo on World Premiere product photos. Durolawn® See Ad on page 279 Information Request # 9428 Durolawn® is ADA compliant, impact tested and meets the F2223- 10 ASTM playground surfacing standard. Durolawn® allows designers to use a natural and durable surface on slopes and in high traffic areas while being universally accessible. 877-352-2163 See Ads on pages 281, 293 Information Request # 9105 Weeks Roses 800-992-4409 Weeks Roses is proud to introduce the latest additions to our collection of Landscape Tough roses. The Happy Trails™ Groundcovers are true groundcover roses with a delightful trailing and spreading habit. The branches stay low to the ground and will spread Rainbow and Sunshine throughout the landscape. Information Request # 9142 DeWitt Company, Inc. Take the stress out of planting new trees with the new DeWitt Dew Right, a 20-gallon tree watering bag that provides a drip irrigation system directly to tree roots over an extended period of time, and eliminates new trees' severe water stress. 800-888-9669 Information Request # 9288 Tech Terra Environmental ICT Organics HALO™ Post Emergent is a selective post- emergent bio-herbicide. It is EPA 25(b) and NOP compliant. HALO provides effective broadleaf weed control organically without harming cool or warm season turf. 609-468-1905 World Premiere Find this product on page 286.

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