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MAY 2016

LASN is a photographically oriented, professional journal featuring topics of concern and state-of-the-art projects designed or influenced by registered Landscape Architects.

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284 Landscape Architect and Specifier News 2016 Specifier's Guide plant materials & accessories Tree Staple, Inc. See Ads on pages 289, 293 Information Request # 9378 Tree Staple stabilizers secure new plantings by the root-ball. This unique tree stabilizing design alternative to tree staking provides notable cost savings through quick and easy installation with no need for removal 877-873-3749 Tree Anchoring Systems Root Protection Systems See Ads on pages 289, 293 Information Request # 9377 Tree Staple, Inc. Below-grade stabilizing system for newly planted trees and shrubs is: simpler (just hammer it in); faster (1 minute installation); safer (no dangerous stakes or wires); less expensive (no adjusting, no removal). 877-873-3749 MPS Civil Products See Ad on page 293 Information Request # 9161 Perfect for parks, the Duckbill Tree Support Kit is available in 3 sizes and boosts anchor performance through faster installation, harder soil penetration, and increased holding capacity. 800-325-5360 Information Request # 9329 Anchor Tie Down Systems Inc. The Hi-Vis yellow tensioner of Twister Tie Downs will NOT loosen when properly installed. The olive drab U.V. stabilized multifilament polypropylene webbing won't rot. The metal T-bar eliminates the need for hammers, driving rods, etc. 941-920-0773 Rootwell Products, Inc. See Ads on pages 287, 293 Information Request # 9385 Multi-featured sub- surface tree and shrub irrigation and oxygenation system. Directs Air, Water and Nutrients directly to the root zone/ 24/365. Saves Water / Saves Trees. 888-766-8935 See Ad on page 292 Information Request # 9152 Century Products 714-632-7083 The Urban Tree Box supports surface loads while creating a void space for uncompacted soil; promoting healthy trees and assisting in natural storm water management. Root Zone Irrigation RootMaker Products See Ad on page 295 Information Request # 9126 Which root systems give the best chance of success? (Hint: It is not on the left.) RootMaker containers create non-circling, fibrous root systems that equip plants for rapid transplant success and long term health. 800-824-3941 Root Barriers

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