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OCT 2016

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L A S N p ro d u c t p re v i e w 64 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Consort Display Group's "Kalamazoo Banner Works" division manufactures vertical light pole banners and patented KBW BannerFlex banner hardware. Since 1984 KBW has been the innovator and quality producer for wayfinding products. We can supply related technical data, including EPA ratings. The BannerFlex® Airow® Bracket spills significant wind and dampens vibration for longer banner life while protecting the pole and luminaire. Our digital and screen printed banners quickly give a sense of place and excitement as well as providing welcome and essential wayfinding information. We offer free, "no obligation" banner mock-ups and related art services and invite you to visit our website for more detailed information and examples. For "excitement in the air", please visit The instant flair and attention this tall, simple, and colorful system will provide to any setting, especially to parks and festival sites, is inspiring. Plus, Dori Poles deter nuisance birds from underneath! Consort Display Group 2129 Portage St, Kalamazoo, MI 49001 1-800-525-6424 Consort Display Group Information Request # 677 PRESTO GEOSYSTEMS Presto's rigid porous pavement systems protect turf and stabilize aggregate while delivering H-20 loading and a high storm-water infiltration rate. Both pavement systems offer a high flex-ural strength and resistance to traffic stress-es, require minimal base, and deliver long-term performance. They create a structural bridge and their fully integrated connections assures maximum load distribution. • The GEOBLOCK® system's engineered base material offers high permeability and healthy grass growth. Available in two sizes. Suitable for occasional load-ing. • The GEOPAVE® system confines and stabilizes open- graded aggregate for highest permeability and onsite storm- water storage benefits. Built with the industry's only integrated molded mesh bottom for keeping aggregate con-tained. Design with colored stone al-lows for extra aesthetic impact. Suitable for everyday loading. Build porous pavements into your land-scape designs for emergency & utility access lanes, parking areas and walkways. Design Tools • Presto's SPECMaker® Specification Tool is a fast, easy program to build 3-part specifica-tions. • ARCAT Specifications, CADs, BIM Models PRESTO GEOSYSTEMS Appleton, Wisconsin 1-800-548-3424 Information Request # 680 Drive-on Rigid Porous Pavements Deliver Performance

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