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OCT 2016

LASN is a photographically oriented, professional journal featuring topics of concern and state-of-the-art projects designed or influenced by registered Landscape Architects.

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L A S N p ro d u c t p re v i e w 68 Landscape Architect and Specifier News The Sundek system is a special method that allows different colors, textures and design to be added to existing old or new concrete. Used on floors, driveways, pool decks, commercial and residential areas, retail spaces, garages and more. The Sundek systems are methods that have been perfected over four decades and allow you to repair unsightly concrete while beautifying for a custom appearance. Sundeck Products Inc. 805 Avenue H, Ste. 508 Arlington, TX 76011 1-877-478-6335 Sundeck Products Inc. Information Request # 690 Your Concrete is Our Canvas The Premier Network of Contractors & Quality Decorative Products Since 1970 Rootwell Products, Inc. Rootwell's Tubes Are Permeable Rootwell provides root watering systems for healthy trees and plants. Rootwell's root feeder provides tree and plant watering systems - tree irrigation and root aeration preventing root damage and surface roots. Rootwell's Tubes Are Permeable A far more effective design is the Rootwell Pro 318. The walls of these devices are highly permeable, providing oxygen exchange with all of the soil surrounding the device. Additionally, placed on the top of these devices is a convection cap that actively draws air into the chamber each night when the ambient temperature drops. Rootwell devices are also beneficial for water and fertilizer delivery to the trees you've planted because of their open design on the top. Water can be delivered by drip emitter, hose, spray irrigation or from precipitation. If you want to promote root growth when planting trees Rootwell's root aeration tubes are the answer. Rootwell Products Inc. 2550 Telegraph Rd., Suite 110, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 248-751-3805 Information Request # 594

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