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JAN 2017

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18 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Above: "Architects, civil engineers, and landscape architects will benefit when writing construction specifications. Paving slab manufacturers will use the standard to promote products that meet or exceed its requirements. The standard will also provide concrete testing labs the opportunity to offer an additional ser- vice in testing paving slabs." —ICPI Chairman Matt Lynch New ASTM Standard for Segmental Con- crete Paving Slabs A new ASTM International standard, C1782 Standard Specification for Utility Segmental Concrete Paving Slabs, sets minimum requirements for flexural strength, dimensional tolerances and freeze- thaw durability for slabs with dimensions ranging from 12 by 12 in. to 48 by 48 in. The new standard supports growing use of slabs for commercial and residential projects, according to the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI). Paving slabs represented 13.2% of total segmental concrete pavement production in the U.S. and Canada last year, according to the newly released 2016 ICPI Industry Sales Profile. The report also found a 6.3% increase in commercial applications for slabs in 2015. "For the first time, paving slab manufacturers, material suppliers, testing labs, and other experts worked together to develop a product standard that addresses the needs of this important paving product group," said Matt Lynch, chairman of ICPI. Due to their larger size, paving slabs did not fall under the existing ASTM standard for interlocking concrete paving units (C936). C1782 now provides a set of requirements that producers can meet which uses familiar ASTM terms and references. "This standard fills a major gap for these products," said David Smith, ASTM member and ICPI technical director. "There have been a few notable paving slab failures over the years in part due to poor pavement design and also lack of product standards. C1782 provides a baseline acceptance standard using any of three manufacturing processes: dry cast, wet cast, and hydraulically pressed." The new standard is for utility slabs and not expressly for high-end architectural applications. ASTM will likely see an additional standard or amending C1782 to include closer tolerance paving slabs with architectural finishes for roof deck and at-grade applications. Self-Cleaning Concrete Image a cement surface that after a rain will wash away discoloration caused by the nitrogen oxides in smog. That's what one manufacturer says its product can do. The product is TX Active, a patented Portland cement developed by the Italcementi Group and produced in North America by its U.S. subsidiary, Essroc. The product has undergone a decade of development and testing in Italy and France. In addition to Portland cement binders, the product contains photocatalytic titanium dioxide particles that use the energy of ultraviolet rays to oxidize most organic and some inorganic compounds. Titanium dioxide TiO2 is used as a white pigment by paint manufacturers to enhance colors. It's also used in toothpaste, sunscreen, and cosmetics. Commercial products with photocatalytic properties include lamps, car coatings, water purifiers and anti-fog glass/ mirrors. Photocatalytic cement is already being used for precast and architectural concrete panels; pavements, road surfacing and sidewalks; Portland cement-based plaster for finish coat applications; CMUs; roof and cement-based tiles; and cement- based restoration products. For more info: images/concrete_international.pdf 10th Hardscape North America Show… Biggest Ever At the Hardscape North America show former gold medal Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller signed autographs at the ICPI booth for a couple hours. Miller was the all around champion at the 1993 and 1994 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, and at the 1995 Pan Am Games and won a gold medal in the balance beam in the 1996 Olympics. She earned 7 Olympic medals in her career. The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) reports the attendance of 10,500 landscape and hardscape professionals at the 2016 Hardscape North America (HNA) show in Louisville, Ky., October 20-22, increased of 11% over last year. In its 10th year and in its new expanded location (north wing of the Kentucky Exposition Center), HNA exhibits increased 18.5 percent and included 72 new exhibiting companies. The indoor exhibition space is the size of 14 football fields; there was also 20 acres of outside demo space. HNA co-located with GIE+EXPO. GIE+EXPO attendance was also up in 2016, with more than 22,600 attendees, a 12% increase over last year. For more info: h a rd s c a p e s n e w s

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