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JAN 2017

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62 Landscape Architect and Specifier News as lower maintenance costs. It also offers shorter construction time and less disruption through recycling in-place materials. The reduction in roadway width resulted in approximately 20 to 30 feet of roadway that was removed and became biofiltration planters running the entire length of the street. Nearly an acre of vegetation was added and as much as 80% of stormwater is now treated through these planters. New street trees were located within the parking zones to provide shade and canopy to the roadway and parking spaces, while reducing the perceived width of the travel lanes, helping to calm traffic speeds. The landscape was designed incorporating Bay Friendly and Greenroads practices, including the use of native drought tolerant species and automatic subsurface drip irrigation, designs that require less water and maintenance than traditional urban landscapes. Bay Friendly is a rating system that recognizes excellence in high performance landscape design, construction and maintenance in the San Francisco Bay Area. Greenroads is a rating system Above: The landscape was rated Bay Friendly, indicating that the use of native drought tolerant species and subsurface drip irrigation is sustainable for the Bay Area. Additionally, the street received a Silver classification from Greenroads, an organization that measures sustainability in transportation projects. It is the first Silver classified site in California.

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