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MAR 2017

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March 2017 41 The vertical garden is designed with lower and mid-level 'sky terraces' offering lush vegetation, spectacular waterfalls and calm reflecting pools. The planting is designed to create inspiring and multifunctional urban spaces. The 'Green Heart' at the center of the Marina South towers evokes a rice paddy field, terraced into steep hillsides and made arable for the cultivation of rice, an essential crop of East Asia. Visitors and residents inhabitants will ascend skywards from the Green Heart into 'Strata Terraces', a 'Cloud Garden', 'Green Screens' and 'Rooftop Gardens' that allude to the changing environments and habitats that one might experience while climbing a mountain. The public will enter from the commercial promenade into the lush vegetation of the Green Heart. At ground level in the center of the Green Heart, water descends from vertical columns of light that fall into a large reflecting pool, before disappearing underground. A shallow ramp creates a visual and physical connection between the shopping center's most important levels. It rises through the abundant vegetation surrounding the pool and then passes over the pool between columns of water as it connects to the first Strata Terrace. For special occasions, people will have the vantage point from each terrace around the pool's perimeter to enjoy a Green Heart, Level 1: Injections of color appear where light penetrates though Heliconias bromeliads Euphorbia millii magenta pink Alpinia purpurata Etlingera torch ginger flower Spider orchid white orchids Canna gen 'Chinense Rose' Canna slipper orchid Belamcanda Green Heart, Level 2: Golden Ribbon, Level 2 Peltophorum pterocarpum Patraeovitex wofei Turnera hyrdid Lonicera Bauhinia Gardenia giellerupii Calliandra haematocephala 'Alba'

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