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APR 2017

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Forest On the east side of the river, which lighting designer Rob Shakespeare refers to as "more playful than formal," stands Forest, crafted of five powder-coated aluminum freestanding towers of TOMCAT trusses—17', 19', two at 23', and 27' tall—and five powder-coated steel "trunks" that sit at 3', 4', 5', 6', and 7' above grade to evoke the look of trees. These are lit by 45 'Lumenbeam' LED fixtures in a variety of wattages and beam angles. "Keeper of the Fire" Narrow beams from LED fixtures illuminate a sculpture that was already positioned in the cascades: Mark DiSuvero's Keeper of the Fire, which had previously been invisible at night. It now glows under the light of seven 60-watt RGB floodlights as well as spots from the light towers on the riverbanks. The Jefferson Street Bridge The Jefferson Street Bridge, which spans the river with four elliptical arches 120' x 20', creates a long elegant backdrop to the entire installation. The fixtures mounted under the arches are by Harman Martin Professional: 46 custom variant exterior 400- watt RGB LEDs (beam angles of 14° and 31°), as well as 46 exterior 400-watt RGB fixtures (7° and 14°), and 15 'Tripix' wash lights. Philips Color Kinetics fixtures light the north face of the bridge. Crescent The ninth light sculpture is titled Crescent, which lights the St. Joseph River's 250' wide whitewater cascades. This is a 45'-wide aluminum horizontal arc structure custom- made by TOMCAT. The structure is equipped with 14 RGB 270-watt 'ColorReach' and five RGB 30-watt 'ColorBurst' fixtures by Philips Color Kinetics. The lighting controls for River Lights is provided by three 'Pharos' LPC1 units, one each for the east bank, west bank, and bridge, plus three Tranzeo TR-SL5s for wireless point-to-point, along with 18 'Falcon' motion sensors. This crescent tower is a 45'- wide aluminum horizontal arc structure made by TOMCAT. To light the St. Joseph River's 250' wide whitewater cascades requires 14 RGB 270-watt 'ColorReach' long-throw color-changing LED luminaires, and 5 RGB 30-watt 'ColorBurst' fixtures. Three lighting playback controller units, one each for the east bank, west bank, and bridge, plus three TR-SL5s (for wireless point-to-point), and 18 motion sensors control the interactivity of the lights. PHOTO: RICHARD CHAPMANN II 40 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Project Team Project Manager: Aaron Perri, city of South Bend Sculpture & Lighting Design: Rob Shakespeare, Shakespeare Lighting Design LLC Control System: Mike Brubaker, Associated Controls + Design, Indianapolis Programmer: Sean Smallman Electrical Installation: Dan Holmes, Koontz- Wagner & IBEW Local 153 Landscape Architecture: Chris Chockley, PLA, Jones, Petrie, Rafinski Light Towers: Fabricated by James Thomas Engineering (now part of TOMCAT). Tower support legs manufacturing Methods LLC

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