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APR 2017

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Left: In Somerville, Mass., CBA Landscape Architects renovated a small park under a pedestrian bridge for a major highway. At the Cremin Playground's main entrance, a refurbished and rededicated archway welcomes visitors in. The archway from the prior park already featured a star motif and had constellations of holes in its panels. CBA's team painted the interior gloss white and fitted it with signage lighting that shines out through those perforations, adding a twinkle to the entryway. Below, Right: (BEFORE) – Before renovation, as seen here, the grade rose up under the bridge, disconnecting the two sides, and the half of the park encircled by the ramp was an uninviting, underutilized space. By lowering the grade under the ramp, CBA strengthened the connection between the two sides. This created space for seating (by DuMor), outdoor musical instruments (by Freenotes Harmony Park), a splashpad, and a custom musical fence, along with curving seatwalls lit by "IQ67 Super Flex" rope lighting (Q-Tran Inc.) to draw visitors through the park. PHOTOS: CBA LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS LLC April 2017 65

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