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MAY 2017

LASN is a photographically oriented, professional journal featuring topics of concern and state-of-the-art projects designed or influenced by registered Landscape Architects.

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2017 Specifier's Guide hardscapes 244 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Nicolock See ad on page 257 Information Request # 9711 Checker block is a concrete grid used for emergency access, fire lanes, parking lots and roadways. Heavy-duty 4" thick steel-reinforced grid provides 75 percent surface opening. 631-669-0700 TRUEGRID Pavers See ad on page 253 Information Request # 9713 Designed for moderate vehicular load and traffic as well as pedestrian and bike applications, TRUEGRID ECO is the toughest and most economical light load permeable paver available. Great for gravel or grass overflow parking lots, driveways, fire lanes, and many other paving applications. 713-715-1890 Presto Products Company See ads on pages 243, 257 Information Request # 9712 Design load-supporting grass fire lanes and auxiliary parking with high-strength GEOBLOCK® porous pavements. GEOBLOCK grass pavers offer unparalleled load distribution, high resistance to torsional loading for optimal turf growth and performance. 800-548-3424 PERFO Information Request # 9714 Tiles can be installed into crushed stone with or without a sub-base to provide a porous parking surface. Natural drainage maintained. Provides a hard wearing surface. Environmentally friendly, contribution to LEED points. 800-348-6120 Porous Pavement / Grids continued from page 242 I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 6 2 8

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