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MAY 2017

LASN is a photographically oriented, professional journal featuring topics of concern and state-of-the-art projects designed or influenced by registered Landscape Architects.

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2017 Specifier's Guide hardscapes 252 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Retaining Walls / Grids Erosion Control Blankets American Excelsior Company See ad on page 269 Information Request # 9704 American Excelsior Company invented biodegradable erosion control blankets, and offers a wide variety of erosion control blankets under the Curlex® brand, and other specialized products like QuickGRASS®. 800-777-7645 Presto Products Company See ads on pages 243, 257 Information Request # 9162 Flexible GEOWEB channel systems support infill from topsoil/vegetation to hard- armored, poured-in-place concrete. Prevent erosion on channel slopes exposed to intermittent or continuous flow conditions with single- layered or tiered solutions for drainage ditches and storm water channels. 800-548-3424 I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 7 1 6 I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 6 5 0 I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 2 5 7

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