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MAY 2017

LASN is a photographically oriented, professional journal featuring topics of concern and state-of-the-art projects designed or influenced by registered Landscape Architects.

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276 Landscape Architect and Specifier News 2017 Specifier's Guide plant materials & accessories Espalier Anchoring Systems Tree Anchoring Systems Product Profiles Planting Accessories: Edging Restraints 278 Espalier Anchoring 276 Herbicides 282 Humates 280 Landscape Fabric 278 Mulch / Wood 282 Mycorrhizal 280 Root Barriers 276 Soil Amendments 280 Soil Testing 282 Soil Wetting Agents / Polymers 282 Tree Anchoring 276 Vitamins / Hormones 280 Root Barriers World Premiere Find this logo on World Premiere product photos. See ads on pages 283, 288 Information Request # 9080 Tree Staple, Inc. 877-873-3749 Below-grade stabilizing system for newly planted trees and shrubs is: simpler (just hammer it in); faster (1 minute installation); safer (no dangerous stakes or wires); less expensive (no adjusting, no removal). Century Products See ad on page 291 Information Request # 9144 Century Products Root Barriers lead the way in hardscape protection. Designed and endorsed by an ISA certified arborist, tested and approved by the US Forestry Department. Century's Root Barriers meet and exceed all specifications. 714-632-7083 Villa Root Barriers Information Request # 9176 A leading manufacturer of root control products. Linear rolls can be made to your specific size. Villa also carries a wide range of landscaping products. 800-654-4067 Seco South, Inc. See ad on page 287 Information Request # 9645 Seco South cable wall trellis systems can support a variety of plants. Once the foliage blooms, the stainless steel trellis is hidden, resulting in a green wall that improves air quality, protects from graffiti, reduces carbon footprint and more. 888-535-7326 Jakob, Inc. See ad on page 173 Information Request # 9722 appealing, ecologically sensible & useful. Our attractive training systems for microgardens are built with a few easy- to-assemble, high-grade stainless steel components. 866-215-1421 Tree Anchoring Information Request # 9733 Green Sleeves Our System is a reusable tool! No nails/Simple installation/USA made –Easy vert./horiz. adjustment of Sleeves & Ties –Tie length customized to each Cross Brace for all tree sizes –Use with wood or galv. pipe stakes –Adjustable Cross Brace for all size trees ensures stakes placed outside rootball. 415 863 8588 Continued on page 278 Plants: Fruitless Olive Trees 284 Native Plants / Seeds 288 Plant Location Websites 284 Plants & Shrubs 284 Turfgrass: - Bermuda 287 - Buffalo 286 - Peat Grown 286 - RTF Sod 287 Wholesale Trees 284

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