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JUN 2017

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Continued on page 14 12 Landscape Architect and Specifier News In the summer of 2016, the Port of Vancouver commissioned a design team to refresh and provide a new identity to the tired looking landscaping and paving of "The North Point" of Canada Place in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Tens of thousands of people visit the iconic building annually between the cruises that dock there, the conferences held in its exhibition halls, and its tourist attractions such as "Fly Over Canada." Aside from the volume of traffic, the building itself is extremely dynamic, built on piers and able to move slightly with the tide. The plaza deck partially covers office space as well as parking areas. With that in mind, and the failure of previous paving systems, the design team faced a tough task in specifying a system which would be able to meet the tough demands of the site, last the test of time and give the aesthetics required. The previous system consisted of a drain mat, 2" of rigid insulation, 2" of concrete, and terracotta tile (1/2") that was grouted with typical cementitious grout. With the office space below, requirements for insulation, and the constraints of the existing building, this gave the team a significant problem in terms of the slope and drainage required to ensure puddles are not left on the surface, as well as ensuring the decay which occurred over the past 15 years doesn't happen again. Towards the end of the design, and with the construction starting point fast approaching, Romex, a manufacturer of synthetic resin paving jointing mortar, was brought in by the lead firm on the plaza design — Connect Landscape Architecture h a rd s c a p e s by Wolfgang Worrmann, Romex Materials LLC Revitalizing the Paving at Canada Place In preparation for Canada's sesquicentennial celebration in 2017, the landscaping and paving at the iconic Canada Place building in Vancouver, B.C., was refreshed and given a new look with a design from Connect Landscape Architecture. This particular segment of renovation was on the plaza deck, which is over parking areas and office spaces. A three- color paving pattern was selected, and grouting products from Romex Materials were used to secure the pavers into place.

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