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JUN 2017

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Continued from page 18 20 Landscape Architect and Specifier News connecting to the Cove Shopping Center. In order to attract attention to the exciting new park, project landscape architects Kirk Olney and Randy Hollingworth worked with Shade Systems, Inc. of Ocala, Fla., to produce a network of multi-functional canopy systems to create a dramatic visual focal point on the waterfront. "The shade structures above the playgrounds and picnic area help to frame views out to the water and from the water back into the park. They are very monumental and make an incredible statement and they are just very hard to miss," said Hollingworth. He continued, "We knew people would be coming to this park by boat, and the design of the shade structures was particularly important for the view from and to the water. It's almost like a landmark on the waterfront. The Intracoastal is very heavily used and we wanted to attract families not only from the land but also from the water. We wanted people to come up and dock their boats, have their kids use the playground, and the interactive water feature." The sloped shade structure was selected to give a variety of shaded and non-shaded areas year-round. Hollingworth expressed that it was very rewarding working with the city, the manufacturer, and the community. He believes they've developed a park that was very responsive to what the community wanted and needed. "Sullivan Park is a result of listening to the community and what they had to say. It's very well used, provides people in different age groups a lot of opportunities to do different types of things, and it really has something for everyone in a very small park. It has been really rewarding for both Kirk and I to build something like this for a community," said Hollingworth "I hear it's busy all the time. Clearly it's attracting a lot more people than just the condominium next door, but I think they are pleasantly happy and surprised at how it turned out, and I don't think they have any opposition from the neighbors now because it came out so well," he concluded. Project Team Landscape Architect: Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. – Kirk Olney, Randy Hollingworth Architect: Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. – Scott Bakos Civil Engineer: Bermello Ajamil & Partners – Maria Zapata City Staff: Kris Mory – Economic Development Director/ CRA Director/Deerfield Beach Kara Petty – Assistant City Administrator/Deerfield Beach Harold Hoyte – City Landscape Architect/Deerfield Beach City of Deerfield Beach, FL – Owner Left: The park features two separate playground areas; this one is geared towards 2-5 year olds. The structures, from Play & Park Structures, were selected by the city with input from landscape architects Kirk Olney and Randy Hollingworth from Bermello Ajamil & Partners. Top, Right: The interactive water feature provides another amenity to the park that adds additional appeals to a larger audience. Interactive water features are also hugely popular and, in the sub-tropics, can be used nearly 365 days a year. It serves as the terminus of the formal pedestrian and vehicular arrival experience. Bottom, Right: The playground design is tied together through the earthy green, gray/silver, and tan tones found throughout in the play area surfacing, shade structures, and site amenities. City staff members were instrumental in selecting the color palette. After breaking ground in January 2016, the park had its grand opening in February 2017. p l a y g ro u n d

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