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The college caters to community education also, with adult classes, online six-week courses, and classes for kids, including an extensive summer program. The college also has a Child Development Center (CDC) ( https:// ). The CDC is a preschool for 125 2-5 year olds, but is also a "laboratory school" that trains future teachers in the field of early childhood education. CDC mentors 20 college students each semester from surrounding universities and Cal State programs. The center is also a resource for other programs, college courses and students on campus, and maintains a strong relationship with other departments and community programs. Reggio Emilia The CDC's approach to preschool education is inspired by the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy. Psychologist Loris Malaguzzi developed her pedagogic approach in the Reggio Emilia area of Italy after the Second World War. From the upheavals, killing and destruction of the war years sprang hope for new beginnings and certainly for a better world. And where better to start than with the new generation of children? The old pedagogy was that of a stern, authoritarian teacher with willow switch in hand leading a class through strict and narrowly structured instruction in reading, writing and arithmetic. Malaguzzi based her child development approach on the theory that children were endowed with a 100 symbolic languages through which to express themselves. Her aim was to lead children in such expression in everyday life through such creative "languages" as art, music and drama. This broader, more flexible and creative approach was to allow children to explore and discover in a "supportive and enriching environment" based on their interests, i.e., a self-guided curriculum. The approach is also rooted in the principles of respect, responsibility and community. In March of 2008, 12 of the staff from the Cerritos College CDC traveled to Italy to meet Below: This view of Cityscape is towards the Fire Station, fire truck tricycles (the roadway around the city has lane lines) and the tunnel in the "mountain." The mountain has a rubberized surface. Left: Cityscape is a mini town square with a clock tower (top middle, under the shade). The colorful decorative tiled rectangular and square blocks are the "buildings," and are surrounded by green space (artificial turf). Cityscape is shaded by 3 tensioned sail canopies ('Monotec' high-density polyethylene fabric) in 3 sizes: 154, 433 and 597 sq. ft. 28 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Cerritos College was founded in 1955 as a public community college. The college is in Norwalk, Calif. (pop. 107,096), a suburb 17 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. The college offers degrees and certificates in 87 study areas in nine divisions. Some 1,200 students complete their course of studies here each year.

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