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JUN 2017

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52 Landscape Architect and Specifier News At Penn State Berks key needs included: • Accommodating a 40' x 160' special events tent • Supporting the campus recycling initiative • Incorporating the existing, carefully selected campus lighting fixture standards • Recognizing and accommodating the high level of campus safety and its impacts on the design • Easing the way for necessary vehicular traffic in the pedestrian zone for services and emergency responders The true personality of Penn State Berks shines through in the thoughtful details incorporated into Perkins Plaza. Striving for a convivial, comfortable and, in the days of social media, a photo-worthy place, it is the finishing touches that complete the welcoming embrace of the space. Large aluminum sunshades and stone piers provide vertical interest and cooling shade. The sound and movement of water along, around and through the basalt columns offer calming and soothing sounds in the midst of the bustling hub of campus life. Comfortable Left: The basalt fountain is by Seattle artist John Hoge, who specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of stone sculptures. He works primarily in granite and basalt. The vertical basalt columns are drilled longitudinally to allow the water to cascade. Basalt benches surround the pool. LED uplighting within the sculpture extends interest into the evening hours. CREE lighting includes The Edge LED Pathways and Round Area Lights. Above: Linear light projectors ('Lumenfacade') downlight the sunshade structure, while 'Paradox 7' sealed in-grade LEDs uplight the columns. 'Artistar' floodlights (B-K Lighting) highlight the crouching 'Nittany Lion', the mascot of Pennsylvania State University, and a ubiquitous figure on every Penn State campus. 'Otto Luyken' (Prunus laurocerasus) dwarf English laurel adorns the planting bed (foreground). and substantial site furnishings offer respite and set the stage for gatherings of all kinds. The students overwhelmingly approved to fund significant portions of the project through their annual student activity fees. The Perkins family is delighted in the finished product, envisioned by the original leader of the campus, Dr. Harold W. Perkins. A campus walkway is just a means to get from one point on campus to another, yet memorable moments happen on these busy pedestrian byways. The students are literally and metaphorically on a path to their future, and the connections they make with fellow students and faculty along this journey may be life changing and long cherished memories. At Penn State Berks, Perkins Plaza is an integral part of the rich experiences enjoyed by the campus community, and a place where memories of a lifetime are being made with each passing moment. The true personality of Penn State Berks shines through in the thoughtful details incorporated into Perkins Plaza.

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