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JUN 2017

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Pools and Fountains Eleven pools deliver a striking entry experience and expand out through the heart of the courtyard. Designed as a visual reference to the nearby bayou, the pools follow the regular geometry of the grid in order to merge the structured corporate vocabulary with the natural element of water. The pools are bordered by overhanging walkways to produce a user experience reminiscent of floating over or passing through the visually interconnected features. In addition to the dark bottomed reflective pools, the water basins include features that respond to their adjacent functional spaces. At the main vestibule of the Technology Center, a series of low cascading jet fountains spray a constant flow of water and provide white noise for visitors entering the facility. Marching down the center of the courtyard, islands of bald cypress trees humanize the scale of the space and reference the plant palette of the bayou. Along the connecting promenade, plume jet fountains jump horizontally along the path, following pedestrians as they traverse between Left: The courtyard promenade is paved with 'Traditional Prest Brick' (Hanover) with a 3/16" beveled edge. A band of Bayou grasses weave along the edge of the turf and symbolically cross the walk, which is represented by a darker color paver band that interrupts the regular geometry of the paver grid. Shielded pole-top luminaires with metal halide lamps light the way. Above: Old pecan groves surround the company headquarters. To make room for the new facility, 80 trees were felled, but milled into 20,000 sq. ft. of lumber and used for paneling, flooring and counter tops in the building. A new tree was planted for each one removed. "Elements or forms of the pecan grove, bayou and the radial Technology Center serve as converging themes that establish the framework and subspaces of the courtyard." the two buildings. Finally, the Bayou Band creates moments of interaction as it crosses through the north courtyard pools. Within these zones, custom cylindrical metal sculptures are placed as an abstracted reference to bald cypress knees found within the bayou. Blue ceramic tile delineates the Bayou Band at the pool bottoms, and vertical jet fountains emerge from inside the cypress knee cylinders. The fountains are programmed to jump around in random sequences, with variable light displays that highlight the features during the morning and evening hours. The Plaza The main plaza functions as the primary pedestrian space of the courtyard. Designed to accommodate events, collaborative group meetings, outdoor dining and mobile work stations, the granite-infused paver surface matches the pattern and scale of the adjacent interior space, and follows the curve of the Technology Center along its main atrium to the building's cafeteria. The band of feather reed grass defines the interior courtyard edge of the plaza, creating intimate pockets for seating. Speakers, Wi-Fi access and a variety of 70 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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