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JUL 2017

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14 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Gauging the Climate of Environmentalism in the Profession Recently President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, causing an uproar heard around the world. LASN sent out a short survey to Landscape Architects across the nation to gauge the reaction from members of the original Green Industry. I was fully expecting it to be overwhelmingly against the president, as well as against his decision (which are two different things). Instead, we found the profession is split almost exactly 50/50 on the decision. Yet, while the profession is split down the middle on the act, almost everyone who responded included a comment of concern about the environment. There were, of course, a few who were super negative about anything Trump, but for the most part those who supported the decision cited the imbalance of the deal for the U.S.; those who were against the move equated the act of pulling out of the agreement as a statement that the U.S./ Trump doesn't care about the climate. Whatever your opinion, you should find the following to be quite interesting. Absolutely the right thing to do!!! Tired of the USA having to shoulder the vast majority of the burden and expense. Go to Beijing, China and India (I've been there) and see the incredible smog!!!) They don't have to start abiding by the rule until 2030. I'm thrilled we have a President who is standing up for America. Reno, Nev. Many were concerned it was a bad deal. Others thought the environment 'trumped' the deal. China is the number one emitter of CO2 and yet they are given a 10-year reprieve under the Paris Agreement. The US would incur huge penalties/taxes, perhaps in the trillions within the next ten years if we had signed the agreement. Shouldn't we negotiate an better agreement that holds everyone...China, Russia, India and any other major contributing nation to a plan that causes reductions worldwide? Ignoring their contribution for ten years while making America and only America accountable would damage US economy without effectively achieving any significant global effect. Therefore, the move (US not signing the current agreement) is a good idea to get these countries back to the negotiation table to work towards achieving a better outcome. Baton Rouge, Louisiana I believe our President is concerned about our environment. I also believe he is concerned about the disproportionate efforts by various countries, as am I. There has been a saying for several years about paying your fair share. I think our President is negotiating for our country to be in a better position to protect our American workers. I applaud the negotiated tactic. Bellevue, Wash. From what little I know, his pulling out was not against Global Warming per se, but rather the lack of fiscal sense for the U.S. . . . Time will tell. As a 47 year practicing Landscape Architect, we constantly deal with municipalities who make new rules that are not environmentally friendly. So having a President that is willing to place our well being above the rest of the world is a welcome change. He says he is a strong believer in clean energy, let's give him a little time to prove it. Miami, Florida The following comments are excerpts of 100+ emails sent to LASN by landscape architects. Their names have been withheld. To read the comments in their entirety visit Thanks for the opportunity to provide an opinion on this important matter. He is wrong to break the US's commitment to The Paris Climate Agreement. 1. The US made a commitment to work with nearly every nation in the world to address climate change and pledged to reduce carbon impacts and control the rise in the earth's temperature. . . . 5. Renewable energy is secure energy and can't be withheld or used as leverage to impact our economy or future. 6. The Paris agreement creates a working partnership of collaboration and sharing of technology and energy investments to secure the health of our planet. 7. All the jobs in the world will mean little if we do not curb climate change and the impacts it is making to our planet . . . I could certainly go on and on on why the Paris Climate Agreement is so important to the future . . . If we fail to make investments in this arena you can bet China and others will and if we miss this opportunity they will control our destiny and economy. Little Rock, Ark. I am very much against pulling out of the Paris Agreement. In the long run (and not very long at that), it will cost taxpayers a huge amount of money to recover from disasters caused by climate change. The industrial revolution may have been good at the time, but now we know how to do things without destroying the planet, and those changes that need to be made are indeed cost effective. Albuquerque, NM Bad decision as the US leads other follow. Not sure how you get developing countries on board if we are not will to do this as a county ourselves . . . The next part of this conversation/question on global warming is: What is the health care costs to us as individuals or a society that pay higher premiums due to poor health cause by pollution or higher food costs due to failed crops! Even if the earth goes through cycles with our climate we as a race cause many of our health issues based on greed and bad decisions to make more profit. Not against capitalism and the American dream but saying there are also ethical ways of doing things and if we follow both sound principles of business and a good ethics (do they even teach that today?) you can still produce products that people want and need but that do not cause various forms of pollution that shorten our lives on this earth in numerous ways . . . All one has to do is evaluate and look through history and pollutants in the air, does not matter the type, it will cause climate change and health related issues. Scottsdale, Ariz.. by LASN Publisher George Schmok

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