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JUL 2017

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16 Landscape Architect and Specifier News President Trump's pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord is a grave mistake. These actions have set us back as American citizens and responsible citizens of the world. We live within varied ecosystems, but share one planet, and what we do within the United States impacts all other nations that inhabit it. . . . As put forth in the New Landscape Declaration issued by the Landscape Architecture Foundation "as landscape architects we vow to create places that serve the higher purpose of social and ecological justice for all peoples and all species", America must do what is in the interest of the health and resiliency of all communities. We must join forces with those governors and mayors of American states and cities who support and abide by the principals of the Paris Climate Accord. New Orleans, Louisiana I think it is great, Trump should have pulled out on day one, when he took office! . . . I think ASLA needs to get out of the liberal shadows and stand up for America, working class people and support initiatives that support manufacturing in the US. When goods are manufactured in the US, these companies have to follow environmental rules and don't pollute the environment, like other countries. When goods are produced in China, Mexico, India and other counties, they have no environmental concern or rules. For a tree hugger to go out and protest manufacturing and drive it into Mexico or China is a joke, they didn't save the environment`, they just made it worst, the plant they shut down was ten times cleaner then the plant that just opened outside the US. . . . Canton, Texas Some just don't like the Donald . . . Thanks for asking! I was watching President Trump's speech yesterday and was expecting to hear from ASLA within 24 hours. In fact, as soon as he was finished, I received an email from ASLA stating that the organization is vehemently opposed to this decision. In my opinion, the Paris Agreement is not about climate change, but rather it is a far-reaching economic agreement that puts America and its citizens at a financial disadvantage . . . I applaud President Trump for standing up to the pressures from politicians, so-called environmental activists and the media elite. He knows a good deal when he sees one, and conversely, he pulled us away from an economically crippling deal. Vero Beach, Fla. These comments are excerpts of 100+ emails sent to LASN by landscape architects. Their names have been withheld. To read the comments in their entirety visit I think this action, along with not a few others, is in line with the attempt to place the country back in the 1950s-60s, when things like pollution, racial segregation, etc. were the accepted norm. Smoke- belching industrial smokestacks were regarded as signs of prosperity, as were monstrous automobiles with gigantic, gas-guzzling, polluting engines. This is the American regression that the current president envisions for us, and is striving toward. In my opinion, he is moving us toward unmitigated disaster. Springfield, Va. Several mentioned the involvement of their association. I'm strongly in favor of the action, for several reasons. First, I oppose ASLA National positions of opposing the action on Paris agreement, the POTUS budget and EPA staff actions. This denies the current Administration of their opportunity to do more with less and meet more pressing needs. As a Member, I strongly disagree with ASLA National's position on all 3 topics. Second, the US has done too much for too many around the world who are not US taxpayers or US citizens while using US tax revenue (and borrowed monies), while asking US residents and taxpayers to do less, enjoy less while paying more. Third, most of the climate change platforms in the Paris agreement are based on a lack of evidence in actual US trends in 2016 and 2017. A large water and snow in CA, WA, ID this year are 1 example. Record salmon returns in Columbia River in WA & OR in 2014 and 2015 are a second example. . . . Bellevue, Wash. I'm completely covered up with work and commitments, but felt compelled to reply to your direct message. Because I wear both hats - as a Landscape Architect and a State Representative - it has been my experience that we, as Landscape Architects, must continue to focus on being Landscape Architects and advocate for those items that have a direct impact to our profession. Disenfranchising those in policymaking positions with broad-brush issues which alienate those on both sides of an issue are counterproductive, particularly when we need those very same policymakers for assistance. Elected officials are bombarded from all sides on so many issues. If Landscape Architects communicating to their policymakers about the profession and advocating for things such as licensure or program funding, start to confuse who we are and what it is that we're there to champion with the latest media-cycle issue, the elected officials will quickly learn that our organization is nothing more than another special interest group. At which point the mission, that the ASLA has worked for so long to define and communicate, is lost. If we, as individuals, want to jump into the media-frenzied fray, by all means go for it! Lest we dilute our message, the profession of Landscape Architecture must maintain a sharp focus on those items that have a direct impact to our profession. My advice to our the SCASLA has been just that. Myrtle Beach, S.C. Some questioned whether LAs should get involved in the politics of the issue. I don't think professional publications should get involved with politics; even though political decisions effect our business. Ventura, Calif. I think he's a shortsighted, greedy, stupid $%&#*%. As well as his followers. He WILL rot in hell. And his reign will end in global disgrace for all of us. Sacramento, Calif. It is my opinion that pulling out of the Paris Agreement is a shortsighted and selfish decision that ignores our future and our great concerns for the environment and the impacts of climate change. It appears to be a vengeful and hostile decision based on a hatred of the Obama legacy, a disbelief in science, an ignorance of current and future energy technologies, as well as an unrealistic promise made by Trump during the election process to bring back the dying coal industry. This decision is also based on the conservatives hatred of all things progressive - if we liberals are in support of a particular ideal than that ideal must be terribly wrong and bad for our Country. Ft. Collins, Colo. Want to add to the conversation? Send your comments to

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