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JAN 2018

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Continued on page 20 18 Landscape Architect and Specifier News In Stanton, a small town in the westerly portion of Orange County, California, "community pride and forward vision" is the city motto. Communitywide celebrations are regularly held throughout the city, however, there previously existed no large outdoor space to gather. The momentum for creating Stanton Central Park, the city's largest park, began over a decade before its summer 2016 opening day. Forward-thinking civic leaders seized the opportunity to purchase a surplus of school property to build a new community park. The city utilized redevelopment bonds, a State Parks Grant, and Park-in-Lieu Fees to fund this ambitious project. At 11.5 acres, Stanton Central Park is the largest recreational open space within the city's 3.2 square miles. Once the city acquired the funding needed to move forward, the park was designed and constructed in time for the 60th anniversary of Stanton's incorporation. This community park includes larger amenities that would not fit in the few small parks that exist in the city. The new Central Park has walking trails, a splash pad, a bandstand, ball fields, a skate park, a butterfly garden, picnic areas, playgrounds and a 2,000-square foot community center building, all very popular with park visitors. Public art pieces are woven throughout the parks' recreational amenities, enhancing the beauty of its many gardens. Community outreach was integral to the design process. It was immensely important to have the Stanton residents involved and engaged in the park's design, as well as to establish a communal sense of ownership in the process. Numerous community design workshops resulted in valuable community engagement for this "people's park." The ideas brought forth through direct and open communication between the designers, city staff and residents generated the creative concepts for the park. The city leaders saw this pioneering park as a great gift to the Stanton residents, a gift to benefit the current community, as well as the city's future generations. Over 2,000 cheerful citizens celebrated during the park's opening day ceremony. The design of this park carefully considered responsible and sustainable resource conservation measures. Drought tolerant A Big Park for a Small Town p l a y g ro u n d by David Volz, David Volz Design Landscape Architects Inc. David Volz Design Landscape Architects was hired for the design of Stanton Central Park in Stanton, California. The 11.5-acre park includes a playground of 7,200 square feet. A – Community & Park Staff Building B – Restroom & Storage Building C – Bandstand & Plaza, Community Event & Lawn Space D – Group Picnic Pavilions E – Sports Fields F – Skate Plaza G – Perimeter Landscape H – Exercise Loop Trail I – Splash Pad J.1 – Playground, 5-12 year olds J.2 – Playground, 2-5 year olds K – Existing Tennis Courts L – Parking Lot M – Entry and Western Ave. Frontage N – Basketball "Half Courts" O – Picnic Area with Shade Shelter

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