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JAN 2018

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Far Right & Above: This design rendering by Stream Landscape Architecture show its vision for 4-way bumpouts in Denver. Bumpouts are becoming more prevalent as a means of calming traffic and expanding vegetation within the road right-of-way. A bumpout stormwater planter 40' long can provide almost twice the water quality capture volume (WQCV) as a streetside stormwater planter the same length. A streetside planter typically has an inside width of 5'; the bumpout stormwater planter can be up to 12' in width. Areas with a minimum width of 5' feet can incorporate trees. One corner bumpout planter and one midblock bumpout planter can satisfy Denver's water quality requirements for a city block from crown to ROW line for Denver's local and collector street classifications. Denver's four and six lane arterial classifications require additional planters, such as two corner and two mid-block bumpouts. Right: Stream Landscape Architecture teamed with Muller Engineering to co-develop a guidance manual for the city and county of Denver and its Urban Drainage and Flood Control District. The manual provides detailed BMPs for streetside stormwater planters, bumpout stormwater planters, green gutters and alleys, and tree trenches. 58 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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