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MAR 2018

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the lead role in providing construction services. Barge Design Solutions' role also included civil engineering services for the overall site. The architecture was provided by Neuhoff Taylor Architects. Barge Design Solutions focused on designing a tournament quality facility complex with the athletes and spectators in mind, capitalizing on existing site features and using thematic design details for site amenities to support the athletic fields. Although the eight laser-graded, adult softball fields are the primary purpose of the facility, the pedestrian spectator areas around the fields were an important part of developing the design solution. Pedestrian plazas around and between the fields include shade structures over bleacher areas, custom dugouts, extensive landscaping and shade trees strategically located to provide a more comfortable aesthetically enhanced spectator experience. Barge Design Solutions designed several custom site furnishings: entry signage; entry arches; railings; seat walls; shade structures; trash receptacles; and specialty paving in pedestrian areas. These elements all exhibit a softball theme and are color- coded to help visitors navigate about the site. Energy-efficient sports lighting was also specified to minimize light pollution into the night sky. Above: The decorative concrete masonry walls and columns were constructed of single-wythe masonry veneers ('Quik Brik') as a durable alternative to brick. The plantings on display here by the dugout in the upper level terrace (Complex C) include an 'October Glory' red maple, 'Maiden' grass, 'Crimson Pygmy' barberry and 'Bright and Tight' laurel shrubs. Middle: The site's 40' grade change required laser grading, and dividing the 8 softball fields onto three terrace levels. Complex A (right) is the lowest terrace and it's custom site furnishings are colored coded red. The two middle fields (Complex B), outfitted with cameras to provide internet feeds, is color coded blue. The upper level terrace (Complex C, left) is color-coded dark green. Each area has umpire quarters, and each field has energy-efficient lighting, its own tarp and digital scoreboard. 72 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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