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MAR 2018

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Above & Inset: Among the colorful and decorative play elements is the fish themed explorer sculpture. 78 Landscape Architect and Specifier News surfaces and planted areas and significantly more features and amenities. The renovation produced a more attractive and ecological park and its layered uses make the park better able to serve the thousands of residents who live nearby and the thousands of visitors who pass through the neighborhood annually. The successful completion of the project required intense coordination between the recreation and parks, public works and planning departments. It required review and approvals stretching over many years, involving library and historical preservation commissions, the Metropolitan Transportation Board and approvals from the Police and Fire Departments. The final realization is a testament to significant leadership and collaboration between public agencies and the community at large. Environmental Considerations Construction adhered strictly to environmental regulations and policies, including the Maher Ordinance. The contractor complied with a strict dust control protocol and approved processing and disposal guidelines and submitted the following plans: erosion and sediment control; storm water pollution; soils management; air monitoring; noise control; and a dust control plan. Adverse Conditions Despite testing and review prior to construction, a hazardous asbestos asphalt layer of varying depths required revising the grading plan and implement an overlay treatment in lieu of removal and placing in a landfill. This tremendously reduced the amount of hazardous material and the project costs.

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