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MAR 2018

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The design team envisioned the park to be a dedication to Juan Seguin and his efforts for the history of Texas and also to pay homage to the area's rich history, including old San Jacinto Town, the Houston Ship Channel, the Lynchburg Ferry and the San Jacinto Battleground. Juan Seguin Park was designed to enhance the experience of visitors to the area and provide an opportunity for families and children to immerse themselves in the history in a three-dimensional way. As you enter the park, you're greeted by a weathered-steel graphic introducing visitors to Juan Seguin. Nearby, a life-sized panel of Seguin is centered in clay pavers that make up Juan Seguin Plaza. Branching from the entry plaza, different pathways take you on a historical journey of the life of Juan Seguin and the accolades he received, along with the regional history of the area through interpretive plaques. Along the park's eastern edge, a hardscape plaza of clay pavers and granite cobbles detail each city block of old San Jacinto Town. The 1829 plat (a plat is a map drawn to scale that details the divisions of a piece of land) is overlaid with the outline showing where the Houston ship channel, first dredged in 1910, essentially cut the town in half. A playground draws children to the center of a large mariner's compass, orienting the visitor and emphasizing the impact of the Houston Ship Channel on the area. Picnic tables and shade sails among the native grasses, trees and boulders offer shaded seating with unrestricted views of the ship channel and the passing maritime vessels. Massive stone slabs submerged into the lawn provide a playful path across a swale that was once a boat Juan Seguin Park is in the San Jacinto Texas Historic District, bookended by entry monumentation for the district's Project Stars initiative. Project Stars designated some 20 historical attractions along Independence Parkway. Juan Seguin Park is within the historic Battle of San Jacinto area and located just north of the USS Texas (last remaining battleship to have participated in WWI and WWII), and the San Jacinto Monument. Across the channel is David G. Burnet Park, another historic project by the landscape architects of Clark Condon, which tells the story of the first president of the Republic of Texas. 84 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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