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MAR 2018

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92 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Right: One of the notable features of the skate park terrain is an iconic breaking wave feature that gives design context with nearby surf spots that are synonymous with California's central coast. PHOTO: J. FERBER Right: The playground features rock and rope climbers, tree houses, slides, regular and bucket swings, saddle spinners, stumps and talk tubes, all from Landscape Structures. PHOTO: J. FERBER Continued on page 94 Besides its functional and visual appeal, the San Luis Obispo Skate Park serves a broader purpose in the park. Located in what was the low point of the site, it has effectively solved long-standing drainage problems. The skate park, with its deep bowls and pools, is a receptor of stormwater runoff from the adjacent ball fields. That runoff is then diverted from the storm drain system into a grass detention basin that was created in an underused corner of the park, where it can percolate back into the earth. New perimeter pathways provide the missing link in pedestrian connectivity, and walkers can now enjoy a continuous loop trail that is fully accessible from all areas of the park. Along the way there are numerous benches and picnic tables that allow parents and grandparents to supervise and enjoy their children's activities. It truly is a multiuse, multigenerational facility. The city's recreation department has been able to expand its program offerings with regular skate camps, and the park has become a highlight of the Monster Skate Series, a countywide skate competition. The benefits are provided free of charge to users, encouraging inclusive participation. The skate park is a focal point that brings people of varying economic and cultural demographics together. The implementation of the San Luis Obispo Skate Park involved many years of dedication and perseverance by city leaders, staff, community members, the design team, and the skate community, who formally and informally advocated for it in a variety of forums. The hard work paid off; the park instantly received rave reviews from skaters across California and beyond, and as the Los Angeles Times observed, it is a "work of art."

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