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APR 2018

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The city of Columbus, Indiana is well known for its resolve to make the community beautiful and livable. Columbus boasts impressive modern architecture and landscape architecture designed landscapes. The State Street Urban Trail project solves functional connectivity problems while capitalizing on design opportunities favored by the city. The project team, which includes Browning Day and United Consulting Engineers, adopted a close collaboration between city officials and stakeholder interest groups who are driven to create special public spaces for the community. State Street Urban Trail Project Vision The State Street Urban Trail was born out of long overdue capital investment slated for East Columbus, a neglected and disconnected industrial section of the city. Pedestrian friendly, multimodal facilities, reclaimed green spaces and streetscape enhancements set the stage for a vital business/industrial corridor and neighborhood revitalization. Similar distinctive urban features of the nearby downtown, such as sculpture, architectural lighting, brick pavers and contemporary green spaces are planned for the State Street project. Providing a safe connection from East Columbus to the downtown was key to the first phase of the project. Safety and connectivity enhancements included widening Haw Creek Bridge to accommodate a 10' wide trail on the north side, and a 6' wide sidewalk on the south with a protective barrier between traffic and pedestrians. Short outside railings were replaced with a 54" custom cable railing. The bridge over Haw Creek is perceived as the threshold into East Columbus and thus offered an opportunity to create a compelling gateway feature and striking architectural lighting. Above: The new Haw Creek Bridge in Columbus, Ind., features 10, 27-foot tall spires integrated into the custom bridge railing and extending down to the top of the bridge abutments. 42 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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