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APR 2018

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wayfinding and as artistic design elements. Not only special street light fixtures, but lighting in the form of columns, railings, pedestrian lights and bollards are all used to connect the many built phases of the project. From the multitiered sidewalk/esplanade running the length of the downtown waterfront to the Waterfront Park with its beaches and wind turbines that generate power for the city, the distinctive light fixtures provide the "points" within the comprehensive lighting system to emphasize wayfinding and the downtown core. The esplanade's lower tier was designed with cantilevered metal grates, allowing visitors to observe the changing water levels below, providing light to the rock crab habitat and minimizing the uplifting wave stress from winter storm surges. The lower tier transitions to the upper esplanade through a series of precast concrete seating terraces faced with glazed, color tiles and integrated precast concrete stairs. The main lighting feature that provides structure to the design are a series of vertical, pedestrian Nemo Columns by Shreder Lighting. Occurring at the transition point between l o w e r and upper-tiers, the light columns visually break up the horizontal planes of the e s p l a n a d e , w h i l e a l s o Middle: The LED streetlights on 30' stainless steel poles combine classic design and low- energy consumption. The single bracket configuration lights the parking area and street with a lens that distributes light with a range of photometric solutions to provide appropriate ambiance for roadways. PHOTO © 2017 DOUG SCOTT 46 Landscape Architect and Specifier News

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