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APR 2018

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The first of several new forms of lighting introduced across the corridor is the Leotek Esteta LED Wall Sconce near the top of each column. This sconce features a 24H LED of 120-277 voltage, NW 4000K color temperature, and forward- throw distribution. The sconces provide vital pedestrian-scale lighting along the ground plane while also highlighting the architectural features of each column. The sconces were also incorporated along the back side of the columns to provide additional lighting for a large existing parking lot, enhancing the nighttime security of the neighboring property. April 2018 53 Above: The design team added strands of catenary lights to create an even wash of light along the ground plane. The "ceiling" lights are strung diagonally across the corridor. When phase II of the project begins, an additional 500 linear feet of catenary lights will be placed along the historic district corridor. PHOTO: CHRIS THOMAS Left: Positioned below the graphic panels of each column is a wall sconce with a 4000K color temperature LED. The sconces direct light to the walk and wash the fa├žades of the columns. Sconces are also incorporated on the backside of the panels to light the large parking lot on the other side of the wall. PHOTO: GAI CONSULTANTS Right: Single post top Eaton Arbor Invue LED fixtures were selected as a pedestrian-scale streetlight at the western end of the corridor. PHOTO: LJ LAMBERT PHOTOGRAPHY (MIDDLE) PHOTO: GAI CONSULTANTS (BOTTOM, RIGHT)

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