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APR 2018

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April 2018 57 Left: At the Duchesne Academy, in Omaha, Neb., donors were originally focused on illuminating only the main building, but Jerry McKay suggested the courtyard also receive lighting. Each ash, honey locust and maple tree in this courtyard is retrofitted with a single SLX16 Mariner light fixture manufactured by Auroralight. They contain 4.5-watt bulbs and provide a 60-degree beam spread. The fixtures are solid copper and brass in a bullet-style, and strategically placed in the mulch beds so that they are less likely to be hit by a mower. Furthermore, each fixture is raised off the ground 5" to anticipate leaves falling off the deciduous trees. Right: This archway was installed over 100 years ago and had some natural decay. It was very important to the installation team that this archway remained intact and undisturbed; therefore, no lights were mounted on either the stairs or the archway. The foundation is sandstone. To light this area, conduit was run from the left and right sides, up to the corners of the stairs - but without touching the foundation.

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