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APR 2018

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Evergreen is 28 miles southwest of Denver, sitting at 7,200 feet elevation in the Rock Mountain foothills. (Note from editor Steve Kelly: I spend my childhood in Evergreen. Great place to grow up!) Evergreen embodies the spirit of the mountains, and this spirit was the foundation for the design, which provided many challenges and opportunities in design and construction. The design for the residence highlights the role of the landscape architect in blending nature with the built environment. The combination of Kentucky bluegrass turf, smooth river boulders and sand were used to open the entry for children to enjoy the water. MR16 20-watt 'Nova Star' halogen fixtures were buried in the grass. 68 Landscape Architect and Specifier News This Evergreen, Colorado mountain inspired residential design sought to capitalize on the natural beauty of the setting, provide access to the adjacent creek, create multiple distinct "outdoor living areas" for entertaining and blend harmoniously with the property's surroundings. Native plantings, local materials and the re-engineering of Upper Bear Creek were central in achieving these goals. The project is an excellent example of the professional inclusion of outdoor lighting to fulfill the clients' desires, while respecting and upholding the surrounding natural landscape. A collection of over 276 Unique brand lighting fixtures dramatically ignite the night sky.

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