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APR 2018

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The ruggedness and texture of the mountains are reflected in the materials and feel of this landscape. Nature's subtleties inspired the lighting design. At the front of the house, the strategic incorporation of 8 'Probe' MR16 20-watt fixtures highlight the reclaimed lumber beams without lighting the interior. Sixty 'Big Bang' fixtures (PAR36 30-watt halogens), and one 'Lunar' fixture (MR16 20-watt halogen) accent the hundreds of evergreens and aspens on the property. Sixty-six 'Apollo Star' PAR36 lamps accent the thousands of perennials and bulbs. The plant and hardscape palate was taken directly from what is found there naturally. Colorado sandstone was used for paving and river boulders were recycled on site to accentuate the topography of the site down to the creek. Spruces, cottonwoods, lupines and columbines are all Colorado natives and found throughout the design. Native plants were chosen for their adaptation to high elevation, and some were even chosen for their resistance to deer. On one corner of the home, vegetables and greens are grown year round in the onsite greenhouse. Outside, a bee garden was established. It is filled with perennials to attract several different species of honeybees to promote the pollination of the plants. Special care was taken to preserve the site trees, shrubs and root structures on the property during construction. The use of these local materials is not only environmentally sustainable, but it is economically sustainable as well. Obtaining materials from local suppliers saved on transportation costs. From The hundreds of aspens and evergreens on the 6-acre property are illuminated by 60 'Big Bang' directional up lights, along with 66 'Apollo Star' heavy- duty brass grated in-ground well lights. Both fixtures are PAR36 and 30-watts. There is also one 'Lunar' MR16 20-watt bullet light with a 360° rotational ball and joint swivel mounted to a tree. April 2018 69

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