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APR 2018

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Both the landscape architect and the clients share respect for the Colorado mountain environment. Through the guidance and education from the architect, the client was able take a hands-on approach. This understanding and relationship made the design and construction of the project a smooth and rewarding experience. The outdoor lighting highlighted every exceptional aspect of this artistic landscape. Top: The main patio features a massive 18' wood burning stone fireplace. Two 'North Star' MR11 20-watt small cast brass fixtures light the façade of the hearth (placed atop the wood cross beam). This fixture has a ball and joint swivel mount to allow 360° rotation. Five 'Vanguard' T3 20-watt fixtures are recessed underneath the stone benches to highlight the Colorado buff flagstone. Bottom: 'Starburst' MR16 20-watt wall washers (and Stellar T3 20-watt mini wall washers) illuminate the retaining walls and boulders with a soft glow. Hanging from 3' chains from the beams in the outdoor kitchen are MR16 20-watt brass "Observer' fixtures. 72 Landscape Architect and Specifier News — D E F I N E D — PAR, MR & T3: Lamp Nomenclature The lighting for this home's landscape required 276 fixtures. All the lighting fixtures for the residence are from Unique Lighting Systems. All the lamps are halogens and powered by 8 1,120-watt, 24-volt weathered brass Unique transformers. "PAR" stands for "parabolic aluminized reflector." The "36" in PAR36 refers to the maximum diameter of the face of the bulb (or lamp) in eighths of an inch. Thus, the largest diameter of a PAR36 is 36 eighths of an inch, or 4.5". PAR bulbs are usually halogen bulbs by design. MR stands for "multifaceted reflector." As with PAR lamps, the number associated with MR lamps also refers to the maximum diameter of the lamp in eights of an inch. The most common MR lamp, the MR16, is 2" in diameter at its largest circumference. An MR11 is 1-3/8" in diameter. The light source of MR lamps is a single-ended quartz halogen filament capsule. The "T" in T3 stands for "tubular," i.e., the shape of the bulb. The "3" means it is 3/8" in diameter at its largest circumference.

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