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APR 2018

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3 2 1 2017 Gold Award - Feature Focused Lighting Project Chris Mitchell, CLVLT, COLD NiteLiters, Inc., Owensboro, Kent. Project: Mind, Body and Soul (sculptures) This project involved lighting three sculptures (Mind, Body and Soul) in the courtyard of a regional hospital. The wave-like outer sculptures (Mind and Body) "flow" toward the central sculpture (Soul), which "explodes" with colors. Seven-watt 15° 5700K LED lamps were used to achieve the desired effects. The outer sculptures have three fixtures each; the Soul sculpture has four fixtures. NiteLiters worked with the artist during the installation to remove some of the glass pieces from the sculptures and fashioning aluminum mounting plates for fixtures within the sculpture, using the same aluminum ties as the artist to attach hollow aluminum tubes matching the aluminum rods in the sculpture to conceal the cable. April 2018 75 2017 Gold Award - Holiday Lighting Nicholas Schriver, CLVLT Decorating Elves, Inc., St. Petersburg, Fla. Project: Brightwaters HLS This residence in St. Petersburg, Fla., displayed the Christmas spirit by wrapping white LED mini bulbs around the trunks of the palm trees and on the palm fronds. Warm, white C9 LEDs run along the home's roofline, along with 4' strands of white bulbs in the wreath over the threshold, plus strings of 'candy cane' lighting wrapped around the architectural columns on either side of the entrance. 2017 Gold Award - Outdoor Living Lighting Project David Bilik Twilight Designs Project: Schulman Residence The irregular shape of the outdoor bar and the desire to leave the rope light exposed rather than hidden under the bar top created a number of problems. Flat LED ribbon lights would not form an outer edge for the irregular bar shape, plus the designers did not want the LEDs in the rope light to be visible. The solution was 24-volt LED color-changing neon rope lights, which provide a continuous line of light. The wireless controls allow for any color desired. The project used 235 fixtures; 150 of those are mounted on extensions to properly light the 75+ year-old pines and thick espalier foliage. 3

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