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MAY 2018

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2018 Specifier's Guide plant materials & accessories 282 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Soil Amendments / Polymers / Wetting Agents Soil Amendments / Liquid Aeration Soil Amendments / Mycorrhizals Soil Testing MycoApply mycorrhizal inoculants reduce transplant shock & drought stress by expanding plant root mass, maximizing nutrient efficiency, & increasing plants' ability to access, utilize, & store water. 866-476-7800 Information Request # 9258 TRI-C Myco Revival Plus, the ultimate organic formula for thriving plants, this soil conditioner and micronized mycorrhizae creates healthy soil and robust roots. 909-590-1790 Ad on page 286 Information Request # 9259 Water Aide is a gel based adjuvant/wetting agent that is OMRI approved that increases the efficiency of water. 100% water soluble available in commercial and retail sizes. 800-962-4010 See ad on page 279 Information Request # 9231 A replacement for expensive mechanical aeration. Treated turfs perform better, need less water & nutrients, & reduces the thatch layer. Transforms treated soils, resulting in healthy grass that costs less to maintain. 800-221-7645 Information Request # 9578 Hanging Baskets and Containers flourish with gel for water management. Horta- Sorb® gel polymers absorb 100s times their weight in water, nearly all available to the plants, giving a more constant supply of water. Cuts watering as much as 50%. 800-628-6373 See ad on page 281 Information Request # 9725 ALL DIEHARD™ soil amendment products contain CORE Ingredients: Mycorrhizae fungus, Trichoderma fungi, beneficial bacteria, bio-stimulants of humic acid, sea kelp, yucca. Many contain a horticultural gel for water & nutrient uptake & management. 800-628-6373 See ad on page 281 Information Request # 9726 Green roof component testing by Turf & Soil Diagnostics. Performance testing of growing media and drainage components. Determine if your materials meet FLL or project standards with our industry leading testing laboratories. 855-769-4231 Ad on page 286 Information Request # 9362

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